Men's Appendices

Appendix 1

Varsity Match Eligibility as Agreed by the Joint Blues Committee

An agreement between the Blues Committees of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge with respect to Varsity Competitions.

Drafted and approved by the Joint Blues Committee on 28 February 1983, with alteration approved on 13 November 1997 to come into force from 1 October 1998. Reviewed 12th March 2001.

A resident bona fide student member of the University is eligible to compete in an Oxford versus Cambridge sporting contest subject to the stipulations that he or she is:

1. A matriculated and fully registered member of both a College and of the University: and

2. Registered for, and actively studying for, a recognised degree, diploma or certificate of the University; and

3. In residence for at least an undergraduate term in which the Varsity match falls, or the preceding one, fulfilling University residence requirements; and either

4. Is an undergraduate, thus reading for undergraduate, thus reading for a first degree, in which case his or her eligibility continues until 30th September in the year in which he or she completes his or her undergraduate course or:

a. Is already the holder of a degree from a recognised University and is therefore reading for a second degree, or for a diploma, certificate or higher degree of the University, in which case his or her eligibility is limited to four (4) years of fulfilling the University's residency requirements. These four years need not be consecutive.

b. The eligibility of such a graduate student is limited until his or her results are published in Reporter (Cambridge) or the Examination Schools (Oxford).


Appendix 2

Status of Full and Half Blue Sports

To change the status of a sport a request must be made to the Committee one week before the meeting. Details are required about the results and training of the club.

There must have been three Varsity matches before a club is considered for a status change; and after such a status change, the club is subject to three years’ probation.

Every three years a club will be called to give a review of their status to the committee. There will then be a vote to approve the status and any changes made to it. The review should be submitted in document form.

Please send the review to the Blues Secretary at least two days before the meeting.

The document needs to include:

1. Background of Sport:

a. Basic rules and point of the sport.

b. Simple explanation of rules/point scoring in your VM.

2. Background of Oxford Club:

a. Year of foundation of Club.

b. Year of first Varsity Match.

c. Number of squad members.

d. Participants in the University.

e. Number of fixtures and leagues play in.

f. Cuppers competition.

g. Popularity of sport Nationally.

3. Varsity Match:

a. Scoring in the Varsity Match.

b. Number of Players in the 1st team.

4. Current Status:

a. What is the current status?

b. Explain criteria and what it means.

c. Number of awards possible to be given.

d. Who takes the decision to award (i.e. Captain’s discretion or OU Blues Committee, etc.)

5. Status Remain/Status Change:

a. Justify current status and why it should remain the same.

b. Add in BUSA or National ranking Criteria in line with OUMBC directive.OR

c. Explain why you feel it should change.

6. How you would like it to change.

Criteria for Full Blue Sports

1. There must be an annual match against Cambridge.

2. The sport must be a major one within the University

3. The Club must have a high standard compared with other amateur Clubs.

4. There must be Considerable College organisation, with recognised Colleges playing each other.

5. There must be a substantial degree of athletic ability required.

6. There must be an inveterate organisation and tradition of participation within the U.K. and the University.

N.B. For Discretionary Full Blue and Half Blue sports, criteria 2, 4 and 6 are not so important.


Appendix 3

Discretionary Full Blue requirements

Awards made at the captain's discretion should be to those he feels worthy of such an award. In making this award, he must have regard to six Blues Sport criteria: 

1. Ability,

2. Excellence,

3. Effort,

4. Determination,

5. Result against Cambridge, and

6. Overall contribution of the individual(s).

Discretionary Full Blues are upgrades of Half Blues and may be awarded when certain criteria are achieved. Such awards must be presented in writing to the President who will approve or disapprove them, in the case of the latter the awards may be proposed before the committee.

Awarding of University Team Colours

First and second team colours are awarded at the captain’s discretion according to internal club criteria. It is an absolute requirement that players have participated in the varsity match. It is the recommendation of OUMBC that colours be awarded to those players who have participated in the VM but come short of the requirements for a major award.

Retrospective Applications

Retrospective applications for individual Full, Discretionary or Half Blues are only allowed if they were not made at the correct time due to administration errors. They must be submitted within one year of the individual concerned leaving the university. Also, the application must be considered under the criteria for such awards as they were at the time when the application should have been made.


Appendix 4

Men's Blues Grant

The annual Men's Blues Grant is open to all sportsmen in the University who have received a Blue, Half Blue or Colours from the Men's Blues Committee. The grant should be awarded to an individual who has shown excellent sporting performance for use towards future personal development (eg. new personal equipment, training camp, travel with national team, etc.).

Applications should be no more than 300 words and countersigned by two people willing to recommend the applicant (eg. club president, coach, etc.). Applicants should include details of funding received from other sources (eg. from colleges, other sports grants and scholarships). Applications must be received by the President at least a week before the first meeting of Hilary Term.

All applications will be reviewed by the President, Secretary and Treasurer. In the event that a conflict of interest may arise that officer should remove themself from the discussion and be replaced by the Sports Federation President. The shortlist shall be narrowed to two names. The awarding of the grant shall be by majority vote.