Women's Half Blue Sports

Sport Blues Status Next Review of Status 
Caving Maximum of 1 half blue to be awarded at the captains discretion to cavers who win a race at Varsity AND at CHECC. Nov 2019
Clay Pigeon Shooting Awarded to a shooter who places in the top shots (between both Oxford and Cambridge) at the Varsity Match. Oct 2019
Cricket 11 Awards maximum, or 12 if the 12th person actually plays in the VM, awarded to women who: Play in the one day Varsity Match, or the T20 Varsity Match AND have been selected to play 60% of BUCS league matches.  Oct 2018
Croquet Women may be awarded a half blue for croquet by the Men's Blues Committee by fulfilling the same criteria. Oct 2018
Eton Fives Half Blues are awarded to those who play in the first 3 pairs in the VM. They must also win their VM or reach the quarter finals in the Ladies national competition. Jan 2020
Gliding 3 Awards maximum, awarded to Varsity team at the captain's discretion. Oct 2020

7 awards maximum, provided the team remains in or is promoted to the Women’s EHA League 2 division or higher.

Individuals must represent the team in the University Championships, be in the starting line-up for Varsity and compete in the Varsity match. They must also represent the team in over 50% of league matches. 

Nov 2019
Kendo Half blues awarded to 5 members (male or female) selected by the OUKC Captain to represent Oxford in the first team (mixed team) in the Varsity match. Feb 2020
Kickboxing Half blues awarded to those who have a yellow belt and compete in the Varsity Match. May 2018 
Korfball Four awards maximum at the Captain’s Discretion. Half Blue awarded to players that fulfil the following criteria:
1. The player must represent the team in the BUCS competition and be in the starting 4 at Varsity
2. The player must display dedication to club training sessions and compete in at least 80% of league matches.
Jan 2019 
Mixed Lacrosse

Up to 4 men and 12 women:

- In the case of a Varsity win, regardless of league position, to any player who has played a minimum of 8 minutes in the Varsity match as well as over 50% of league matches

- In the case of a Varsity loss, but a top 3 position in the league by the end of the season, to any player who played a minimum of 8 minutes in the Varsity match as well as over 50% of league matches.

Jan 2021
Orienteering 5 awards maximum, awarded to the top three finishers at Varsity and the other two at the captain’s discretion, with those achieving half blues to be capable of achieving a top 25 finish in the individual A race at BUCS championships.  May 2018 

6 Awards maximum: 3 maximum for the team players who compete in the Varsity Match and are the highest ranked Oxford team at BUCS, provided they reach the semi finals, AND 3 maximum to individuals who play in the Varsity Match, and either:

  1. Reach the final 8 of the BUCS Individual Championships,
  2. OR Qualify for the county pool squad, are selected for and play in over half the season's matches
Oct 2018 
Real Tennis 5 Awards maximum.
A Discretionary Full Blue may be applied for if a player reaches a handicap of 35 or better.
Nov 2018 
Table Tennis 4 Awards maximum, awarded to players in the squad team who play in BUCS matches and the VM throughout the year at the captain's discretion.  Jan 2020
Ultimate Frisbee 5 awards maximum, awarded, at the captain's discretion, to women who have:
1. Played in both the indoor and outdoor women’s Varsity Matches.
2. In both the indoor and outdoor student nationals in the open OR women’s team.
3. And have won the indoor or outdoor women’s Varsity Match OR finished in the top six in the women’s or mixed or top eight in the open outdoor nationals.
Oct 2020 
Yachting  Half Blue awarded to the Varsity team who also achieve at top 12 University ranking at the British Universities Championships.  Jan 2020